Building Wealth - Helping Others

Welcome to the Abundance Economic Network.


 Imagine, if every bill you pay gave you a rebate before you paid that bill. That would mean that your bills would be paying you. In fact, you would be making money for paying your bills! This network will empower you to gain value by paying your bills.

 The Abundance Economic Network (AEN) is a private membership network which uses group rebates, discounts and coupons to help members pay their living expenses and operations overhead. This Network combines its members electronic payment transactions by using a copay system with digital portals and credit union networks. Once enrolled, individuals pick the membership they want, to decide how AEN will help them pay their bills. 

*YOU must have an invitation code to join the Abundance Economic Network*

*The Abundance Economic Network is currently conducting a membership drive to spread awareness about our service.

To learn how you can use AEN Rebates to help pay for your Network Membership, go to the "Membership Campaign" section below.

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How You Can Grow Your Money By Paying Bills!


There are millions of dollars worth of discounts, rebates and coupons online every day. The catch is - you have to buy something first to use them.

AEN empowers its members to access online rebate, discount and coupon value before they spend money. This Network was created to allow members to monetize the act of paying for expenses.

The Abundance Economic Network is a Kingdom Network Economy that produces electronic discounts and rebates which Individual Members, Member Businesses, and Non-profit Organizations use to increase their money's value to help them pay for bills, business expenses, and debt.

Now you can learn how to use AEN's copay discount system, with an Expense Membership to change your bills into assets.

Just tap the "Discounts" button below to find out more!

The Best Way To Build Wealth Is By Helping Others.


There is a parable called the "Shrewd Steward". In this story, there was a manager that found a way to redeem his mistakes and find reward by helping to pay the debts of others.

*The largest business growth sector in the world is Debt. 

*The biggest profit sector is the Payment of Debt. 

*Electronic transactions represent the greatest transfer of 

wealth in the history of the World.

The average person has had no way to benefit from this transfer.

 The Abundance Economic Network offers memberships which will give you access to this wealth. 

- Learn how to use an Enterprise Membership to gain a $30 rebate for each new member you invite. *Select the "Rebates" button below to learn how.*

- Discover how the Benefactor Membership will give a minimum $700 rebate every month you help other members pay their bills. *Choose the "Wealth" Button below to begin!*

How Do I Join The Network?

Step 1:


Make sure you have an active email account.

It is mandatory for every AEN member to have an email address to receive network updates and membership activation notifications.

Step 2:


Set up a Credit Union Account.

All Members must have a Credit Union account to receive Network copay discounts and rebates. The Abundance Economic Network processes its resources with Credit Union networks for security check purposes. 

Step 3:


Select the "Join Us" Tab

Once you have selected this tab, complete the "Join Us" form,  then hit the send button.   

You will then receive a notice that your information is being processed. Please allow 3 to 7 days for security checks.

AEN will then email your access code with instructions to activate the Membership(s) that you want to use.

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