Expense Memberships = Discounts

Make Your Bills Pay You!


The purpose of the Abundance Economic Network is to empower it's members to access the value they generate every time they make an electronic payment. Every time you use a debit card, a credit card or a computer you are creating a digital foot print. That foot print is worth MONEY. I don't mean just the money that you use when you pay with debit, credit or by computer - I mean the transaction itself. Every time you use those tools they generate service fees that they charge you or they charge each other. That is why facebook and google are free. 

AEN uses our member's combined electronic transactions to access that digital value. Then we use it to produce Copay Discounts to make your bills pay you. 

The Abundance Economic Network will help you pay the following bills:

- Rent/Mortgage

- Utilities

- Groceries

- Auto Expenses

- Healthcare

- Childcare/support

- Tuition/College Debt

- Legal Representation

- Travel/Vacation

To do this you must become an Expense Member. This is the consumer membership which allows AEN to help you pay your bills. Organizations can access this resource by becoming Charter Group Members.

What Are Copay Discounts?


Copay Discounts are expense units which add 10% to 20% in digital value to each bill payment that a network member processes through AEN. 

*These resources are designed to give the biggest copay discounts to those who have lower incomes and grant increase to those that make more income.

Copay discounts cost $50 to $60 to load and reward $60 to $70 when used. 

When an Expense Member loads a $50 expense unit, after 7 business days, they will receive a $60 Copay Discount to help them pay their bills.

The more bills you pay, the more copay discounts you get. 

*For example: If you load expense units with $350 they will give you $420 in co pay discounts in 7 days.*

Think of this as a healthcare copay service that helps you pay all of your expenses.

How do I Become an Expense Member?


Once your Access Membership has been approved, you will receive your network membership code. You can then use your code to activate your Expense Membership.

After activation, you will be sent an email at the beginning of each expense cycle. 

This email will contain an expense order invoice for the bills that the Network will help you pay. It will also show the load cost and value for each copay discount that you will use.